28 Feb 2011

Black Forest Bombe (for 'The Magic Toyshop')

"... you're so fresh and innocent ... 
something to change and destroy." (p.152)

"The cake seemed extremely exotic and unlikely, a figment of the imagination." (p. 168)

My goal this month was to deconstruct, subvert and re-construct a Black forest Gateau into something familiar yet (hopefully) disturbing using the above quotes for inspiration. I wish I could have pulled off this cake of Gothic proportions, but I dared not attempt it.

How would you interpret The Magic Toyshop by Angela Carter? All cakes and comments welcome!

 Black Forest Bombe
Serves 6-8

Ingredients: to fill a 1.5 pint pudding bowl
350g morello cherries, fresh or frozen
2tbsp sugar 
1 chocolate sponge cake or 2 large chocolate muffins 
splash of Kirsch (optional)
500ml vanilla ice cream
150g dark chocolate
ready made meringue

Place cherries and sugar in a saucepan over medium heat and warm through until plenty of cherry liquid has been drawn out. Strain cherries with a slotted spoon and set aside to cool. Bring cherry liquid to a boil and reduce to a syrup. Also set aside to cool.

Line pudding bowl with cling film leaving enough to fold together once full. Slice enough chocolate cake or muffins to line the pudding bowl, pressing overlapping slices tightly together. Drizzle in some kirsch, if using, and allow it to soak in. Melt 50g of the chocolate. Layer together: half the ice cream, half the melted chocolate, the cooled cherries, the rest of the melted chocolate and the rest of the ice cream. Pull edges of cling film into the middle and twist together. Place a plate on top and weight down with a heavy object (like a pestle and mortar) to press everything firmly together. Place in the freezer to set for a few hours or overnight.

To serve, melt the remaining 100g of chocolate and pour over the upturned cake (cling film removed, of course). Garnish with meringue and drizzle with cherry syrup.

Serve as a Baked Alaska by coating the cake in soft meringue and toasting in the oven or with a blow torch instead of topping with melted chocolate.

For a more traditional Black Forest gateau substitute whipped cream and chocolate mousse for the ice cream and chocolate layers. (In this case, I wouldn't press down on the cake but tap the base firmly on the counter before letting it firm up in the fridge for a couple of hours). Serve garnished with more whipped cream, cherry syrup and flakes of chocolate.

 Inspired by Jamie Oliver
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  1. love the idea of your post
    original and yummy

  2. Thank you, Sawsan. I hope to one day see an interpretive cake of your favourite book!

  3. No imagination necessary with this wonderful dessert. Just pure enjoyment to the taste buds.


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