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Black Forest Bread Pudding
Cherry Cheesecake Lasagne - if making graham wafers from scratch
Cranberry, Lime and Vodka Cupcakes
Cupcakes of Knowledge (Custard and Lingonberry Jam Filled Cupcakes
Garibaldi R-ice Cream Ladies - if baking garibaldi biscuits from scratch
Hogsmeade Butterbeer Tarts
Mincemeat 'Haggis'
Nutmeg, Almond and Coconut Swirls
Strawberry 'Tin Can' Shortcake
Tropical Rainbow Cake 

No Bake   
Black Forest Bombe
Cherry Cheesecake Lasagne - if using store bought graham wafers 
Divine Matrimonial Cake
Dorayaki Roll-ups
Garibaldi R-ice Cream Ladies - if using store bought garibaldi biscuits
Gryffindor Mulled Mead Jelly
Nanaimo Bars with Cream Cheese and Mango  
Pineapple and Amaretto Crème de la Cranachan
Purely Conceptual Cake (Birthday Cake Panna Cotta)

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Books (a-z by author)

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