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Read, Bake, Eat along with me! All cakes and comments welcome.

I'm Kelli Bartholet the creator and publisher of Ingested Read. I'm originally from Canada and have lived in the UK since 2001. I hold qualifications in creative writing, journalism and technical theatre.

As this is more of a baking club than a book club, there's no reason we all have to read the same thing at the same time. Choose any book you like and using your innate skills as a conceptual cake artist, have a go at turning it into an interpretive cake. See my post How to Bake an Interpretive Cake if you're unsure what to do.

I'd love to see your creations!

E-mail: ingested[dot]read[at]gmail[dot]com

P.S. If you found this page because you bought a children's book(s) from WINS Thrift Store with my name inside it (I spelt it 'Kelly' or 'Kelly-Lee' back then) please get in touch and tell me how much you enjoy reading them.