31 Aug 2011

Spot, Merit & Demerit Badge Cookies (for 'Shades of Grey)

"Our clothes were dyed in a conventional shade visible only to other Reds, so to the Greens sitting opposite, we had only our Red Spots to set us apart from the Greys"(p.3)

"I was wearing a 'Needs Humility' badge below my Red Spot...if the Green woman had been more reasonable, she would have excused me the errand owing to the prestigious 1,000-Merit badge that I also wore."(p.4)
"She wore a bright synthetic Purple Spot and, below that, several merit badges and a Head Prefect badge upside down - she had once run the village."(p.63)

The world created by Jasper Fforde in Shades of Grey revolves around one's perception of colour and this perception determines their social hierarchy. I wanted to create cookies for each of the badges mentioned in the book but, sadly, they will have to remain imaginary. I've mocked up some examples of what I had in mind and I have to say that in spite of my poor photoshop skills, these turned out infinitely better than anything I could have achieved with icing. If you decide to make and decorate a batch or two of cookies along this theme, please let me know and I will post them on Intercaketuality with a link to your blog.

How would you interpret Shades of Grey by Jasper Fforde? All cakes and comments welcome.

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The Fairytale Challenge! (See the winning post from May's competition)
This time we'll be using 'The Princess and the Pea' as inspiration for an original dessert. So, put your thinking aprons on - more details will be available from Sunday September 4th.

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  1. The broken link for May's competition winner has been fixed. Thanks for visiting - hope to see you back for the Fairytale Challenge!


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