4 Jan 2011

The Raw Shark Texts by Steven Hall

I'll start with this one because I think it's the most literal example of what I'm trying to achive. I am intrugued by the following quotes from the novel:
"thought ... congealed" (p.4)
"fluid liquid concept ... waves of association and history." (p.59)
"stillness is an idea, a dream" (p.25)

For The Raw Shark Texts, I want to create something edible that resembles the idea of a cake, rather than a cake itself. In other words, I'll be 'baking' a purely conceptual cake. I'll post my interpretive recipe at the end of the month.

Read, Bake, Eat along with me!
The Raw Shark Texts is published in the UK by Canongate
Check out the author's website at steven-hall.org

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