19 Jan 2011

The Raw Jello Experiment

It began with a simple syrup poured into ice cube trays...

I had hoped I would be able to turn these out into perfect cube-shaped bubbles of 'congealed thought' which I could then stack into a vague cake-like resemblance. I should have added more gelatin because I got a very wobbly jelly instead of a finger food 'jiggler'. Even if it had set better I still would have had to pry the blobs out with a spoon as I didn't think to grease the ice cube tray. 

It was also way too sweet (I'm sure the dusting of icing sugar and sprinkles didn't help). My verdict: as a dessert it was an all-round flop but as an experiment it had it's uses. I'm back to the drawing board on this one. I wonder if it's possible to add words or letters to the jello somehow... Alphabet cereal? Chocolate letters? Printed rice paper?

For now let's just call this the un-cake.

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