1 May 2011

Fairytale Challenge: Goldilocks and the Three Bears

By the time I finished photographing this porridge it was 'just right'

This month I'm taking a break from my regular interpretive cake baking to do a bit of damage control on my waistline and to take up a creative writing challenge on the blog Gertha's Uranus is Upside Down, which I share with H5L5N5. You're more than welcome to have a read through though I have to warn you - we don't write pretty. Lewd characters and bad language are the norm. In the meanwhile, I'll leave you with something a little more wholesome: Goldilocks and the Three Bears. That said, I found a 'versified' version in which the main character isn't Goldilocks but a foul-mouthed, cantankerous old woman instead. So maybe it's not as wholesome as we've been led to believe. In any case...

I'm inviting anyone and everyone to take part in the first ever Fairytale Challenge by creating a dessert recipe for Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  All entries will be posted over on Intercaketuality (The Conceptual Cake Art Gallery) where you'll be immortalised in the contributors Hall of Fame. 

To submit a recipe email ingested.read[at]gmail[dot]com with a photo of your creation and the URL of your blog post by the 25th 31st of May.

My inspiration for this came from The Dusty Baker who I met online through Foodbuzz. She bakes up a gluten free, dairy free (and other specially modified desserts) storm as well as being an actress in NYC. I don't know how she finds the time, but I'm so glad she does. Jacqueline, I'm sending a big high five across the pond right back at you! She's already created a couple of fairytale inspired desserts including Hansel and Gretel Grown-Up Gingerbread and Little Red Velvet Riding Hood Cupcakes. I also love her post for Curious George Banana Nut Bread.

If you're still unsure how to create a recipe from a story, take a look at my first post How To Bake An Interpretive Cake or leave me a comment and I'll help you get the dough rolling.

Read, Bake, Eat? Ready, Set, Bake!

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