9 Jun 2011

Idea Munching: The Edible Woman - Part 1

I have been waiting to do The Edible Woman for months now and I've been putting it off because I had the brilliant idea of baking something in a tin can as a way of symbolising the theme of consumerism. I've had ideas for cakes, cupcakes, tarts - even a tart within a cupcake (like a mini version of the Cherpumple) but none of them have gripped me as the perfect interpretation of femininity packaged as a commodity. I was completely stumped. Until yesterday while leafing through my cookbooks, I came accross The One:

Steamed Strawberry Pudding

To clarify for everyone, like me, who grew up associating the word 'pudding' with bowls of Jell-O milk based puddings - that's not what I'm referring to here. It's a steamed sponge cake and according to the author, Judith Finlayson, "it's every bit as delicious as strawberry shortcake, with fewer calories and fat." (The 150 Best Slow Cooker Recipes p.244) So there you have it:

Strawberry "Tin Can" Shortcake.

Time to see if it works as well in practice as it does in my lovely little sketch... Will it cook all the way through? Will I get it out in one piece? Will it taste faintly of tuna? (I sincerely hope not - I've scrubbed and boiled those tins twice!)

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