16 Jun 2011

Idea Munching: The Edible Woman - Part 2

In part two of The Edible Woman the narration switches from first person to third person as Marian becomes a passive observer rather than an active participant in her life. She drifts apathetically from one situation to another and acquiesces to all kinds of demands (from her body, her fiancee, her friends and from Duncan) as though each were inevitable and unavoidable.

"So I'm finally going mad," she thought, "like everybody else. What a nuisance. Though I suppose it will be a change."(p.126)

I've been trying to come up with an idea for a cake that embodies Marian's disturbed state of mind. Something that says 'identity crisis' or 'deconstruction of the self'. When I saw the Cookie Cake Pie over at cakespy I thought I was onto a winner but decided against it on the grounds that (aside from being one big mash-up of a dessert) there was no significant symbolism between it and the book. I've also looked at numerous ways of deconstructing a banoffee pie (because some might say Marian is 'going bananas') but have shelved that idea as well. I'm now thinking along the lines of a tasty fake. The most frequently mentioned foods include: eggs, raisins, canned rice pudding, and spaghetti with meat balls. Wish me luck!

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