30 Sep 2011

Fairytale Challenge Winner! Honey Layer Cake

Photo Credit: The Dusty Baker

This luscious layered dessert came to me from my biggest fan, Jaqueline Raposo of The Dusty Baker. (Once again, it was my only entry so there was no bias in my decision to crown her Princess of the Pea). I love that she took creative licence with the challenge and used a musical adaptation of this fairytale, Once Upon a Mattress, as her starting point. A musical which, until this morning, I'd never even heard of! It's like I've been living under a rock - or perhaps like the proverbial pea stuffed under the mattress. (Sorry, bad joke)

Please check out her blog and read the reasoning behind the recipe for this challenge.

While you're there, why not check out her other book-themed desserts:
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For those of you not familiar with Jacqueline's work, she is an actress, food writer and all-round allergy conscious baker extraordinaire living it up in NYC. She recently took part in The Great American Pie-Off and not only got Runner-up in the Best Pie category, she also won 1st prize in the Most Creative Pie category for her savoury Holiday in a Hand Pie - perfect for using up those Thanksgiving leftovers in a few weeks time!

The next Fairytale Challenge will be in February so mark it on your calendar, tell all your friends and don't be shy about participating! In the meanwhile, don't forget you can make a contribution to this blog at any time by turning your favourite novel into an interpretive cake and sending me the link. Find out more and Read, Bake, Eat along with me! All cakes and comments welcome.

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  1. Kelli, thank you so much for your lovely comments :) Ok moving on honey layer cake sounds divine and looks so cute in that little trifle dish! I'll definitely check out Jaqueline's site!


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