9 Apr 2011

Idea Munching: The Last Warner Woman

It's been published early! And it seems summer has come early as well (20*C this afternoon, not bad for England in April). I'm all set to bake my first cake tonight, the one I'm attributing to the colourful re-imagining of Mr Writer Man, but I've run into a problem with the second cake. After careful re-reading of certain chapters today, I realise the elements I was using for inspiration are also the words of Mr Writer Man, not those of Adamine herself.

However, the line between fact and fiction is a little blurred here. Mr Writer Man's novel is based on snippits of fact he has gathered, filled in by details told to him by Adamine. He may take creative licence with certain events but they are based in the 'truth' as Ada sees it. I think I can still make it work, but only because of this quote from Ada herself:
"This man don't tell the story straight. He put in all kinds of lies. But every lie open the door to a truth." (p.170)
So I will still make both cakes as planned, only the second will have to be attributed to Mr Writer Man as well. The inspiration for the first cake comes from his imagining of the life of Adamine's mother, Pearline Portious, while the second cake is his imagining of Adamine's life as a member of the Revivalist church. 


Now I'm having reservations about my original idea for the third cake. I was going to make it using elements taken from the stories told by the nurses at the psychiatric ward but I think I would rather make Adamine a cake based on how she sees herself. Though, if she didn't entirely approve of Mr Writer Man's version of her life story, I'm certain she would strongly disaprove of having that version interpreted into a cake. (Sorry, Ada).

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