6 Apr 2011

The Last Warner Woman by Kei Miller

This month I will be creating three cakes to reflect three different points of view in this book:
The colourful, re-imagining of Mr. Writer Man
The 'truth', as spoken to the wind, by Adamine Bustamante
The version seen by the psychiatric nurses.

Read, Bake, Eat along with me!

The Last Warner Woman (out in B format paperback on April 14th!) is published in the UK by Orion
Read an interview with Kei Miller as published in Iota Magazine
Read a review of this book on the Caribbean culture blog Repeating Islands

Update 9/4/11: 
Changes have been made to these initial ideas, see my next post


  1. I am a new follower here.

    Browse your photos and they look yummy! I might try your black forest bombe. The pictures looks delicious.

    and can't wait to see your three cake for this month...

  2. Hi Aiz, thanks for following! The photos on your blog are amazing. (like your template too =D)


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