21 Nov 2011

NaNoWriMo 2011 - Week 3

Word Count: 18, 674 (as of Nov 13)

The story so far:
The good news is, I finally had an idea for a plot development. The bad news is, I haven't been bothered to write it down. I am now 8 days (and 16,326 words) behind schedule. If this story were a croquembuche it would be nothing but a few stale profiteroles at the base of a huge cone gathering dust and mould. At this point, I would be pleased just to break 30,000 words by the end of the month. It's looking like the Winner's badge won't be mine this year. Yet again. What can I say? I lack dicipline.

What's next?
The plot development idea goes something like this:
Having decided to return the book she didn't like, 'Dear Reader' trawles through her bookcase for something to read in the meantime. She chooses one at ramdom with her eyes closed and finds a winning scratch card tucked inside. She is now £1 million richer. With the money, she decides to track down her old boyfriend and see if they still have a chance together.
All sorts of things could go wrong with this (which is what you want in a story - lots of obstacles to overcome).It could follow any number of well-worn romcom plots. He has a girlfriend / is married. Or he's single but doesn't really love her but is willing to string her along until the money runs out...

If I get around to typing anything this week I let you know how she gets on.

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